Easy E-Commerce is powerful and flexible for even the largest product online retail store. This system ensures that each functionality fits what works best for your customer making it easy for them to find what they want; gather the information about your products and purchase feeling secure.
  • » Easy E-commerce website is developed in WYSIWYG methodology.
  • » Easy management of category, sub-category and products.
  • » Status display if online in Skype or MSN.
  • » Search Facility.
  • » Secure gateway payment.
  • » Order and sales management.
  • » Easy order tracking functionality for the customers.
  • » Sales report generation as per the requirement.
  • » Alert display system.
  • » Shipping information display.
  • » Step-by-step product status display.
  • » Customization and addition of extra features can be developed as per your requirement.