Website Development
Seeing is believing, what the entire planet believes in and which is also true. To fulfill ‘seeing is believing’ the presentation of the information should be effective. In Nexus Nepal we do the website development in WYSIWYB concept and following the current trend of technology.

Our scope of work

If a quick website is wished by the customer then we suggest them for the static website. The development time will be lesser ensuring the high quality in the graphics and presentation. Advantage like lesser development time will result in less development budget.

Static website is best solution for the small organization that is accelerating towards the success.
Simple static site development starts from $ 350
For Special Custom Design
The prime drawback of the static website is its content remains always the same. If any changes is to be made either customer has to do by themselves or to depend upon us.

To get the hassle free and independent solution, database driven site i.e. dynamic website is the best possible solution. Here the customer can change the information by themselves at any time.
Simple static site development starts from $ 550
For Special Custom Design
When it comes to style, flash has the words and the groove to say it all. We help you present and express the essence of your organization creatively with sleek animations and graphics. Generate LIFE to your website with the use of FLASH.

Why flash?
• Attractive and compelling flash sites that are both informative and captivating.
• Fully animated navigation with cutting-edge visual effects.
• Web enabled flash sites with database integration.
• Rich-user interfaces that enhance user experience.
• Online presentations with dazzling sound effects & eye-catching graphics.
• Sound and animation that loads quickly.
Simple static site development starts from $ 500
For Special Custom Design
A web portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way.An effective Web portal offers the user a broad array of information, arranged in a way that is most convenient for the user to access. If designed correctly, a portal becomes a base of operations for Internet user, his or her home on the Web.

To do this, the web portal administrator must provide the user fresh content, interactive elements and easy access to the tools that the user needs.
Simple static site development starts from $ 950
For Special Custom Design